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Hotel experience in India is exclusive and fascinating because the country has some of the world's best hotels operating under the leading hotel chains. The hotels in India are classified as multi star hotel complexes, heritage complexes, resorts and much more. The 5 star and heritage hotel complexes in India offer the individual the best of the facility and make him feel like a VVIP. Hotels are great venues of comfort and in India; there are many budget hotels also. Budget hotels provide complete comfort at the fewer prices and the budget tourist is truly overwhelmed with such tariffs.

There are bar, restaurant, gym, coffee shop, suite, deluxe room facilities available in the Indian hotels. Hospitality industry in India is among the leading industries in the present times with multiple profits. Resorts also are a part of the Indian hotel industry but generally the guests books the resort for a very long stay. Beach resorts are fantastic with various facilities.
5 Star Hotels
5 star hotel experiences in India are incredible and India has some of the best five star hotels in the globe. The five star hotel chains in India offer the highest form of facility as far as the hospitality industry is concerned. The specially designed hotels have the facilities of deluxe suites....
4 Star Hotels
Enjoy the exclusive 4 star hotel experience in India with the best of staff always at the beck and call. Stay in 4 star hotels can be a dream moment for the guest because of the star level hospitality making the individual feel special. The accommodation units comprise of suites and the deluxe rooms with single...
3 Star Hotels
Hospitality industry in India is one of the buzzing industries with a tremendous growth and India being rich as far as the tourism potential is concerned, there are many 3 star hotels in the country offering the best of treatment. Three star hotels of India come in the luxury category of hotels....
Leh Ladakh
Budget hotels in India offer a great experience of hospitality at the economic rates. The sole aim of the budget hotels in India is to give comfort to the tourists who have less money in the pocket. In budget hotels too, one can get the facilities of the deluxe rooms, restaurants, bars and much more....
Beach Resort
India is a land of beaches and many fascinating beaches are located on the coastline. For the exclusive fun loving beaches, the tourist must go to Goa and Kerala. The beaches in these regions of India have an exclusive charm and people from different parts of the world come to these places....
Deluxe Hotels
Deluxe hotels experience is incredible in India. One can enjoy the best in the deluxe hotels. There are first class facilities for the tourist. There are deluxe rooms and suite available for the tourists and one gets the complete comfort with the 24 hour room service.
Heritage Hotels
India provides the individual the rich experience of the heritage hotels. The country is truly having some exclusive heritage hotels that are actually the palaces of the kings. Rajasthan stands tall when it comes to the heritage hotel experience. The famous Raj palace hotel of Jaipur has one of the world's costliest....
Luxury Hotels
Luxury hotels of India provide the individual the complete comfort. These hotels are fabulous in terms of comfort. The well interior design of the hotels makes the individual feel spellbound. Enjoy the luxury in the spacious rooms and the suites of these hotels.
Resorts in India offer the ultimate luxury. Resorts are located in the hill stations and beaches and offer some of the finest experiences to the individual. In resorts, the individual can get the multiple facilities and these include separate kitchen with expert chef, multi cuisine restaurants, bars and liquor rooms, huts etc.
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