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One finds biking in the Himalayan region of the country as one of the finest experience of life. This is a fascinating adventure and involves fun as well as excitement. When the rider goes in a full speed, there is not only an emotion but also the thrill.

Enjoying the biking in the high altitudes needs a perfect balancing act. When the individual goes for the high altitude biking in the regions of Garhwal and Ladakh, there has to be a balance in the act and one should be well equipped with the helmet etc to prevent an complicacy in case of any accident. During the mountain biking adventure in India, one can have the view of the barren lands, foothills, glaciers, stretched rivers etc. In short, one encounters the true face of nature during such a travel. Mountain biking in Himachal is a great experience and one can enjoy the adventure sport in the regions of Shimla, Kaza, Manali and many other destinations.