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Jodhpur is called the Sun City and the region reflects a great desert beauty. There is a palace in Jodhpur called the Umaid bhavan palace. This is one of the finest palaces and a part of the palace is converted into the heritage hotel and is now owned by the Tata group. The legendary king Maharaja Gaj Singh lives in this palace. The famous fort of Mehrangarh is a fort of excellence and it is like a rock standing tall like a mighty guard to protect the city and the fort has always done so.

Jodhpur has some wonderful multi star hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants. The city of Jodhpur is incredible in all its desert beauty and this city is also called the gateway of the Thar Desert. One can go for the camel safari from this place for the deeper regions of the desert and interact with the people of the desert. One can also eat the authentic Rajasthani cuisines in Jodhpur.