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Houseboat (Kerala)

Ketuvallam is a houseboat available in Kerala backwaters and one will spend some good time of honeymoon in these boats. These boats have a unique architecture and a superfine wood of Kerala called Anjili wood is used to build such type of boat. One can find many such boats in the backwaters of Kumarakom and Alappuzha. The interior decoration of these boats is fabulous and there are private chefs available that cook the best food for the tourists. For the honeymooners, these boats are ideal and from windows or the lawns of these boats, one can see the pristine glimpse of the sunrise and sunset in the Kerala backwaters.

These boats are of many shapes. In the earlier times, these boats were constructed primarily to trade the commodities. The number of Ketuvallams that ply in the backwaters of Kerala exceeds 900. One will find the luxury liner boats in the backwater hub called Alappuzha. The number of such boats here exceeds one hundred and twenty.