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Enjoy the finest days of honeymoon in India and these are truly the glorious moments that are not only cherished in lives but remain everlasting. The beauty and diversity of India is something that is incomparable and the unique topography of the nation on the face of the earth makes it a dream destination for the tourist. Honeymoon is a special event and is acclaimed throughout the world for its priority because this marks the beginning of the new life of the individual. The honeymoon destinations of India are not only the backwaters and beaches but also the hill stations and national parks.

The misty mountains, the green pastures and the silver sand beaches are all part of the fabulous honeymoon destinations of the country. Kerala, the back water hub and Goa, the beach hub are exotic honeymoon spots with some of the world class hotels and resorts. Kashmir and Himachal are the finest spots and resemble the beauty of Switzerland. These regions are ideal for honeymoon.