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Kanha National Park

Kanha national park is the pride of the national parks in the country and this is also known as the famous Kipling country. The famous Jungle book was based on this park. In the year 1974, this park became the Tiger Reserve. This park is one of the finest hubs of India as far as Barasingha species are concerned. This is also called Swamp deer in English. Because of the wonderful ecological conditions of the park, this deer has risen above from the line of extinction and the tourists love to see this exotic creature. Kanha is a well conserved park ranking among the most maintained parks of the country.

If the tourust wants to feel the complete glimpse of sunset in India, Kanha is a great place for this. Visit the sun set spot called Bamni Dadar and this is also referred as the Sun set point. The sunset at the backdrop of grazing gaur, sambhar looks awesome. It is incredible feel.
Kanha National Park