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India is incredible the land of monuments and when we speak precisely for the monuments; these includes forts, palaces, mosques, churches and temples. India is the hub of the ancient, medieval and modern monuments. Many of the monuments in India are in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. It is quite interesting to see the wonderful marble design called Taj, a monument about which the entire world is jealous of. India is proud to have the wonderful Taj mahal, the reflection of true love on the face of the earth. Taj is a world heritage monument.

The wonderful architecture of the famous great living Chola temple reflects the precision and stunning temple architecture during the era. One of the finest examples of this is the famous Brihdeshwarar temple. This is the temple of incredible rock architecture, dedicated to lord Shiva and located in Thanjavur India. This temple dates back to 1000 years. The famous Lotus temple of New Delhi is described as modern day Taj Mahal. It attracts lacs of visitors in a year.