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Ooty is one of the fascinating places in India when it comes to the hill station adventure. One enjoys in Ooty the wonderful honeymoon because of the fine views of the hill station. The famous Nilgiri railway travel is an exclusive travel offering the tourist the panoramic views of the region. Ooty is situated among the western Ghat Blue Mountains and the panoramic view of the dense forests and grasslands in this region touches not only the heart but the body and mind of the individual also. The grasslands of Ooty are not only sprawling but also wonderful too.

Ooty comes in the eucalyptus belt and the aroma of the eucalyptus trees is so soothing. The oil of these trees provides a rich fragrance and it is used to cure many ailments. Visit the famous Botanical garden of Ooty and have a glimpse of the 20 million year old fossilized tree apart from the various species of plantation.
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