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Mathura is the birth place of Lord Sri Krishna, the prince of the yadava clan and the hero of Mahabharata war. There is ancient history related to this region. This place was thickly wooded during the ancient times. Also known as land of Vishnu, in the present times one finds many temples of Lord Sri Krishna. In Mathura, one finds the Keshav Dev temple. This is the temple with historical significance and is very old. It is said that Lord Krishna's grandson installed the original deity in the temple.

There is a famous Ghat in Mathura called Vishram Ghat. It is said that lord Sri Krishna came rested here after destroying Kansa. Taking a bath here has a great sanctity. The Museum of Mathura, founded in the year 1874, contains some rare artifacts of Indian civilization. The government of India introduced a postage stamp on the centenary celebrations of this museum. In the temple of Krishna janam bhoomi, there is a place called garb graham, the exact spot where Lord Sri Krishna was born.