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Village Walks / Rural India

Villages are an important part of India and as per the estimate, the country has lacs of villages and there is a wise saying that India can be truly felt by enjoying the village life here. The village walks provide a wonderful opportunity to the individual or a tourist to interact with the villagers and their lifestyles in the country. The villagers of India are generally simple human beings and depend on agriculture. The long village walks in the fields of the villages in India rejuvenate the tourist and the fresh air is wonderful. The villagers greet the tourist in their small huts and offer cuisines, mithai etc made in the pure butter or ghee. The village cuisines in India are simple yet nutritious.

The village walker gets the opportunity to participate in the village art and craft work of the Indian villagers. It gives the idea how exactly the villagers earn the daily bread and what good and bad situations they can face in their life.
Village Walks / Rural India