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Varanasi Ghats

There are 100 ghats in Varanasi as per the counting. Ghats are the steps that go down to the river Ganges. One of the most popular ghats in Varanasi is the famous Dashashwamedh Ghat. This ghat is holy and there are many mythological concepts associated with this ghat. As per one legend, Lord Brahma created this ghat in order to welcome Shiva.

This is the ghat where the famous yagna Ashwemedha was performed. Lord Brahma cut ten horses during the yagna here. There is a very famous Agni Pooja on this ghat and various religious media channels do telecast this Pooja live. Many of ghats of Varanasi were built by the Marathas. Another famous ghat of Varanasi is the Manikaranika ghat. Legends of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu are associated with the ghat. Bathing on the ghats of river Ganges in Varanasi provides a rich spiritual experience.
Varanasi Ghats