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River Rafting

River rafting is a great adventure and the individual enjoys this adventure in the river. In India, river rafting is a well known water adventure sport of India and there are many regions of north where one can enjoy this sport. Enjoy the river rafting across the Ganga valley. The prime river rafting belts of the country are Sikkim, Ladakh, Uttaranchal, Kashmir and many more. There are many rivers in India where one can enjoy the river rafting and these include Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Indus, Zanskar, Brahamputra and Kali Sarda. One has to be very careful while enjoying the river rafting adventure in the country. There are rapids and one has to cross them. This is tough.

The rapids have a level and the levels depend on the experience of the adventure sports person. For the high levels, the individual has to be an expert in this area otherwise it can be dangerous or killing. River rafting is among the toughest adventures and needs a strong will power. Rafting in Rishikesh gives great feeling.
River Rafting