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Thar Desert

Thar Desert is also referred as the great desert of India because of its land area. This desert is among the subtropical deserts of the world. The rank of the desert is 9 as far as the land area is concerned. There is a salt marsh in the desert and this is known as the Runn of Kutch. One can see the desert from the fascinating desert state of Rajasthan. As per the estimates, this desert is 4000 years to ten thousand years old. Thar desert is ideal for the desert safari and one can enjoy it from Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner. There is an exotic diversity in the Thar Desert and one can find species of lizard and snakes in the desert.

Some of the snakes in the Thar Desert are deadly in nature and the bite can kill the camel. Usually these snakes crawl under the sand and it is quite difficult to judge their moments. Interact with the people of Thar Desert and they offer great hospitality and good desert food.