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Gulmarg, “Meadow of Flowers “ was discovered in 16th century. Gulmarg is a hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.Gulmarg has long been famous for golfing. The 18-hole Gulmarg Golf Club is in existence for 100years. The Clibhouse, with its sloping roof, has a rare character. Golfing holidays are popular throughout the summer.Alpather Lake is located on the valley down the twin Afarwat peaks at an altitude about 4,511 m. This serene lake in a triangular shape is placed in the backdrop of scenic hilly snow capped terrains.

This attractive lake remains frozen until June and during the summer streams of clear water bubbling through the lake with floating ice pieces. The lake can be reached by an adventurous trek through the snowy mountains. This is a perfect location for trekking enthusiasts.