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Himachal Pradesh is the land of exclusive landscapes that have an everlasting impact on the mind of the tourist as far as the natural beauty is concerned. The beauty of Himachal is generally compared to Switzerland and it is incredible. Himachal provides a soothing relief to the tourust because of the freshness of the atmosphere and this region is also the heaven for the adventure tourist. The majestic Rothang pass is an incredible track and connects Manali to Ladakh.

This is one of the rare beautiful regions where the nature bestows all its glory. Manali is wonderful and is well known destination for the apples. The tourist can enjoy skiing here and the sport is truly a class adventure sport. Shimla, another exclusive honeymoon destination is called the queen of the hills. The famous mall road of Shimla is a romantic place and has shopping complexes, bars and pubs. One can see various couples walking hand in hand on the mall road.