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In India, trekking is a great adventure and the tourists love to enjoy this sport because of the fascination and the thrill associated with it. The Indian Himalayan and the Karakoram regions offer the best in terms of trekking adventure. One of the important trekking zones in the Garhwal is the famous Har ki Doon trek. Ladakh is one of the most fascinating destinations for trekking. One can enjoy the trek here to the gompa here constructed in stone. This is Sham valley trek. In Garhwal, one has the opportunity to enjoy the Chandrashila trek.

From here, the trekker can have the glimpse of the famous peak of Nandadevi. The trekking regions from Darjeeling to Kanchanjunga are full of pristine spots and the tourist loves them. One can enjoy the Sikkim Darjeeling trekking tour. This trip can last for 17 days. It covers the wonderful spots like Garibas, Tonglu, and Phalut etc. Trekking needs vigor and stamina as the individual will have to walk for the longer distances. It is advised to enjoy trekking in groups.