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Himalayas are the world's largest mountain ranges and this mountain chain spreads across the countries like Nepal, China, India and Pakistan. Himalayas are truly the abodes of tourism and healthy life. The tourist can enjoy the meditation in the Himalayas and this will provide the rejuvenation. The Himalayan belts offer the tourist the great trekking, mountaineering, river rafting and the skiing experience. One finds a clear encounter with nature in the Himalayas. The number of above 8000 meter ranges in the Himalayas is 14 and among them mount Everest is the highest.

Sir Hillary and Tensing Norgay created a record and became the first to conquer the Mount Everest. Many mountaineers have conquered all the fourteen highest peaks of the world and this is indeed a record. The greatest mountaineer of all times is Reinhold Messner and he has created a record that is worth appreciating. Himalayas are the abodes of divine and one can see the mount Kailash, also called abode of lord Shiva.