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Alappuzha  (Aleppy)
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Alappuzha (Aleppy)

Alappuzha is the Venice of the east and a fascinating backwater destination of Kerala. Move a distance of sixty two km from the city of Cochin in order to reach this beautiful backwater hub. In fact, Lord Curzon was very much fascinated by this place and he called it the Venice of the east. For the honeymooners and nature lovers, Alappuzha is excellent spot. One can go to the Alappuzha beach and also stay for some days in a special boat called Ketuvallam. One can go for the boat cruise in Allappuzha and see the amazing beauty of the coconut trees and the wild flowers.

Apart from having a rich beauty of nature, Alappuzha is known for some old temples; one of them is Krishna temple. There is a legend behind this temple. Lord Krishna came to the king of the region and challenged him for the game of dice for a bet. The king lost the game and subsequently lost the bet which he could not fulfill. Krishna came in His original form and blessed the king later.
Alappuzha  (Aleppy)