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Ajanta Ellora Caves

India is a destination of heritage and one can find the country amazing when it comes to the rock cut caves. Ajanta and Ellora caves near Aurangabad testify about the might of the rock cut architecture. These caves date back to thousands of years and were discovered by the British. The caves are designated with numbers and it makes the easy way for the tourist. One can find the images of Lord Buddha, the Hindu deities and numerous paintings in these caves. Some of the caves are totally dark and the sun light scarcely passes inside.

Ajanta and Ellora reflect the might of India as far as the very old heritage is concerned. The main goal of the caves was the meditation by the monks during that time. Aurangabad is best option to reach these caves. Enjoy the beauty of the caves and then move to Aurangabad for food and drinks in nice restaurants. The beauty of Ajanta and Ellora caves is so electrifying that it cannot be described in few words.
Ajanta Ellora Caves