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Agra is a place of heritage located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a wonderful place popular throughout the world because of Taj mahal, the wonder of the world. Taj is one of the principal attractions of Agra apart from the Agra fort and the famous Fatehpur Sikri. One can enjoy the wonderful Mughlai dishes in Agra and these include many tandoori cuisines too.

There are many good hotels in Agra and these also include five star hotels. Taj reflects the expression of love and romance. This fabulous monument was built in the honor of beautiful Mumtaz who died at the childbirth when she was 39. Emperor was shocked at the death and came up with the idea and the idea was Taj mahal. The famous fort of Agra is incredible and was built by the emperor Akbar. It is one of the biggest forts of the country. It is truly a splendid complex worth seeing. Enjoy the sight of Fateh pur Sikri, the city that was very dear to Emperor Akbar.