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The adventure of mountaineering is quite fascinating. It is said that mountaineering not only relishes the mind and body but also the soul too. In India, there are many mountains to climb. The mountains in Manali and Ladakh offer great experience to the climber. This is like opening a seal to heaven. Mountaineering in India provides an eternal charm. Himalayas are the mystic mountains and to climb these mountains, it is not that easy. In India, one can see the splendid Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Before climbing the mountain, it is good to be equipped with all the mountaineering requirements.

One has the option to go for mountaineering in Darjeeling on the hills with exclusive tea plantations. One can also see the orchids in these belts. If one wants to expose himself to the adventure of Himalayas, there is a need of prior regular exercise for a period of twelve months. It is the dream of every mountaineer to climb the Mount Everest but K2 makes a toughest climb.