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Jim Corbett National Park
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Jim Corbett National Park

When one talks of national parks in India and does not know about Jim Corbett, it can be a joke. Jim Corbett national park, named after the legendary hunter turned environmentalist Jim Corbett, is located in Himalayan foothills of north India. This park was established in the year 1936 as Hailey national park but later converted into Jim Corbett national park. There is a no doubt about the fact that Jim Corbett national park is a tiger reserve and besides this, there are many species of flora and fauna in the park. The tourist has the option to enjoy the elephant and jeep safari in the park making.

Enjoy the safari under the guidance of the expert. There are streams, grasslands, rivers in the park apart from dense forests. Jim Corbett is truly the pride of Kumaon and this park is close to the hill station of Nainital. There are many jungle resorts and hotels near and on periphery of park.
Corbett National Park