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Idukki, a place in Kerala, is mesmerizing from the tourist point of view. For the Adventist, this is an awesome place because of the rugged mountains and the dense forest cover. Being in Idukki is a dream come true for the environmentalist because from here, one can visit various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. One can reach the famous Eravikulum national park. This region is in the list for the selection as the UNESCO world heritage site. In this park, one finds the shola grasslands. In this park, the environmentalist sees the Nilgiri Tahr. These animals are above seven hundred in numbers.

In this park, the number of mammal species exceeds twenty five. One can see the arched dam in Idukki. This is first arched dam in Asia and second in the world. The Idukki wildlife sanctuary spreads over an area of seventy seven square kilometers. There is a reservoir formed by the three dams. Visit the famous Hill View Park and from here, one can find the amazing glimpse of landscapes. One can breathe the aroma of the herbs in herbal garden.