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Pushkar Fair

India is a splendid land of fairs and festivals and one can find some amazing events in this country that truly captivate the hearts of various tourists from the different parts of the world. One of the events in the country is the Pushkar fair. This fair is held every year in Pushkar and is considered as the largest cattle fair in the country.

During the Pushkar fair, thousands of cattle are traded. As per the estimate, more than fifty thousand camel are traded in this fair. Pushkar attracts many tourists from the different parts of the world and the experience is thrilling. There are dance and music concerts during the fair. Apart from the fair participation, the tourist has the chance to visit the temple lord Brahma, one of its kind. There is also a lake called the Pushkar Lake. It is said that Lord Brahma performed a yagna at this lake. Because of this, this is a sacred lake.
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