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Buddhist Monasteries

Buddhism has a major influence in the world and India is also called the land of Buddha because it is here where the lord attained enlightenment. After Buddhism came, many became the followers of the religion. In India, Lord Buddha attained enlightenment and preached the first sermon. Emperor Ashok spread Buddhism to the different parts of the world once he accepted Buddhism after the famous war of Kalinga. The monasteries are the places of Buddhist worship and many Buddhist monasteries in India are located in Ladakh, Sikkim, Himachal and many other places of India.

The monasteries are located on the cliffs and these lo ok fabulous. Ladakh is the hub of Buddhist monasteries. There are many monastic festivals held in Ladakh and the monks look wonderful in the traditional red robes. It is a great experience to visit the Buddhist monastery and rotate the revolving wheel, also called the wheel of Dharma.
Meenakshi Temple