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Konark Sun Temple

The Sun temple Konark is one of the legendary monuments of India especially when we talk of the temple architecture. King Narsimdeva is credited to building this temple during the 13th century. There are many other legends associated with the temple and as per the legend, Sambha; son of Lord Krishna is credited to building the temple. As we enter the Sun temple of Konark, we find two lions at the entrance gate. There is a chariot wheel here and is fully decorated with stone carvings.

This depicts the Sun God. The glimpse of the temple during the night is quite interesting. The temple looks beautiful to the core during the night. The Sun temple is one of the finest examples of the Kalinga architecture. There are some erotic sculptures in the Sun temple and these resemble the sculptures of Khajuraho. Although the invaders destroyed much of the temple, the temple is still a wonder and a UNESCO world heritage site.
Konark Sun Temple