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Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi temple of Madhurai is one of the wonders of south India when it comes to the temple architecture. This temple dedicated to goddess Parvati was built two thousand years ago and forms the lifeline of city of Madhurai. There is an annual ten day festival and this is celebrated in the month of April- May. This festival attracts 1 million pilgrims. This temple is also referred as Meenakshi Amman temple. One feels astonished on seeing the view of the temple.

There are 4 entrance points in the temple and this makes it among the list of the few temples in India with such a design. This vast temple located on a 45 acre of land is the finest example precision as far as the Indian temple building is concerned. Malik Kafur, the general of the army of Alaudin Khilji invaded the temple in the past centuries and stole 96000 gold coins and invaluable stones. One can very well estimate how rich the temple was in the past.
Meenakshi Temple