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Luxury train travel in India provides an altogether different feel to the tourist. It is a travel of the lifetime because the tariff is high but the person is fully satisfied as one gets the best for the investment put in. Man earns for enjoyment and luxury and the luxury train travel in the country provides the individual the complete chances to invest in something that will last long. One not only gets the high comforts of the deluxe cabin cars, luxury cars, presidential suite cars, the spa cars, bar cars, the restaurant cars but also the tourist can have the finest glimpses of the Indian heritage and natural beauty while travelling in these trains.

These are the dream moments and can be truly captivating. There are many states in India in the different regions from where the luxury trains operate. The luxury train travel in India is a dream of a tourist but not all can afford such a travel. But the one who enjoys this feels on top of the world.
Darjeeling Toy Train
Darjeeling is one of the important tourist spots in the country and is located in the eastern belt. The toy train ride of Darjeeling is one of the best things a person can enjoy in the region. It is really exciting travel and one can find beautiful spots during the way and these include the spectacular photography....
Deccan Odyssey Train
Luxury train travel in India is the dream of many but only some are able to fulfill it. The core reason can be the limitation of time, money or both. But the tourist who enjoys the luxury train travel in the country considers it the dream come true.
Golden Chariot Train
India is a heritage powerhouse and one feels great joy to enjoy the country in the luxury manner and the luxury trains of India are the fine locomotives that provide a kingly feel during the travel. The Golden chariot train provides the individual the complete enjoyment of the heritage Karnataka.
Hindu Pilgrimage
Palace on wheels is among the top ten luxurious trains of the world and when the travelers thinks of a luxury travel in India, immediately the train Palace on Wheel comes in the mind. Palace on wheels provides the tourist the complete glimpse of Heritage Rajasthan in a truly luxurious manner.
The Fairy Queen Train
India is a hot tourist destination offering the incredible heritage and natural beauty. Luxury train travel in India offers the individual the best of enjoyment and this train is the oldest locomotive of globe in the constant operation. This was built in the year 1855 and operates from Delhi to Alwar.
The Indian Maharaja Train
Indian maharaja travel gives the exotic feel of the king to the traveler. This train provides the individual the complete feel of the mystic wonders of the country in a royal way. The facilities in The Indian maharaja are incredible and these include cuisines and beverages offered by the Taj group.
The Indian Maharaja Train
Royal orient train travel in India is truly a luxury feel for the tourist and this train is among the finest luxury trains of India. Travel in this train provides the eternal glimpses of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The name itself makes one feel like a maharaja while boarding the train.
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