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Indian destinations are full of diversity and one gets a sense of relief in these destinations. There is much to see in the country because of the diverse outlook and all this is reflected as one step in the various locations of the subcontinent. On the one hand, there is the charm of the hill stations and resorts and on the other; the charm of beaches and backwaters prompts the tourist to spend the ideal honeymoon. Take the guidance of the expert before stepping in the destinations of the choice.

The desert destination Rajasthan is incredible from the tourist point of view. Enjoy the splendor of India in the various destinations of religious importance. India is a birth place of 4 major religions of the world and these include Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Hardwar and Bodhgaya have a great significance in terms of religion. One can find India truly incredible on visiting the various destinations of the country.
Agra is a place of heritage located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a wonderful place popular throughout the world because of Taj mahal, the wonder of the world. Taj is one of the principal attractions of Agra apart from the Agra fort and the famous Fatehpur Sikri. One can enjoy the wonderful Mughlai dishes in Agra and these include many tandoori cuisines too.
Bangalore is an IT hub but the city is rich in the culture and the civilization. Bangalore is the city of luxury and high net worth individuals. It is the city that makes the dreams of the man realize and also a fabulous tourist hub. Bangalore is a wonderful city for a fabulous nightlife. It is also called the city of restaurants, pubs, hotels and bars.
Lord Buddha revolutionized the world and the message He bestowed has an eternal relevance. Lord Buddha was enlightened in Bodh Gaya and there is a famous temple here called the Mahabodhi temple. There is also a tree here called the Mahabodhi tree. This is the tree under which Lord Buddha attained the enlightenment. Emperor Ashok;
The city of Chennai is wonderful and is the darling city of south India. Chennai is rich in culture with the temples, heritage complexes, eating points and beaches. There is a famous beach in Chennai called the Marina beach. It is among the longest beaches of Asia. Chennai is famous for the south Indian cuisines like idli sambar...
Delhi, the heart of India is the capital city of the country and is also called the heritage city with the monuments of excellence. Delhi is a strategic hub and is also the part of the golden triangle comprising of the other two cities that include Agra and Jaipur. The heritage city of Delhi is famous for the Red fort, the splendid fort constructed by the emperor Shah jahan....
Haridwar is a wonderful place and is also called the gateway to God. Hardwar means Hari ka dwar or the entrance to the gate of God. This is one of the most important places of Hinduism as far as the sanctity is concerned.
Hydrabad is a wonderful place of south India and is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Hydrabad is the hub of the modern development and the sizzling hi tech city is one of the marvels here. The famous Char minar of Hydrabad is wonderful monument and it is visited by the tourists....
Jaipur, the pink city is the capital city of Rajasthan, is known for its forts and palaces. Jaipur is a heritage city of India and one can feel the legends of the Rajput Kings forts and palaces of the city. This city was built by Maharaja Jai singh and the name Jaipur is after this legendary Rajput ruler....
Jaisalmer was found by Maharawal Jaisal, the legendary ruler of the city and this region was one of the main trade routes of India to other places of the world but after the sea route trade from Mumbai, Jaisalmer was washed from the trade map. Jaisalmer is one of the chief heritage destinations of the foreigners in India with the famous fort called Sonar quilla...
Jodhpur is called the Sun City and the region reflects a great desert beauty. There is a palace in Jodhpur called the Umaid bhavan palace. This is one of the finest palaces and a part of the palace is converted into the heritage hotel and is now owned by the Tata group. The legendary king Maharaja Gaj Singh lives in this palace...
Kerala is also called as God's own country and is one of the fabulous places when we talk of the international tourism. Kerala, the place of backwater and beach beauty is the finest spot for the honeymooners. It is excellent to be in this destination for a week or fortnight.....
Kodaikanal, referred as the princess of hill stations, is a remarkable place in south India when it comes to the cool places. The main goal to reach this hill station is to get the relief from the extremely high temperature of the plains. Hospitality industry is a buzzing industry here and people enjoy good food in the hotels...
Mumbai is a land of dreams and this city holds a great relevance not only from the point of view of tourism but also from the point of view of business. Mumbai is a port city and one has the option to go to Goa from here via a steamer. Mumbai is a hub of nightlife and the tourist love to enjoy the nightlife on the sea face.
Rajasthan is a desert beauty hub and is the largest state of the country in terms of the land area. Rajasthan, the place of desert safaris, forts and palaces is famous in the intermjational tourust map. The forts and palaces of Rajasthan are incredible in the architectural beauty and style and refkect...
Rishikesh is a destination of beauty and has a religious significance also. Rishikesh is a place near to Hardwar and is also called the land of Lord Shiva. The literal meaning of Rishikesh is the hair locks of a sage. Apart from the temples of the region, Rishikesh is an ideal destination for river rafting.
Srinagar is the city of beauty. It is a wonderful place located in the northern belt of the country. Srinagar is the capital city of Kashmir. The beauty of Srinagar cannot be described in the few words. The mountains have a special charm and the streams are filled with the pure water.
Thar Desert is also referred as the great desert of India because of its land area. This desert is among the subtropical deserts of the world. The rank of the desert is 9 as far as the land area is concerned. There is a salt marsh in the desert and this is known as the Runn of Kutch.
Udaipur is one of the heritage hubs of Rajasthan and one of the sizzling hubs of the foreign tourist. The famous Aravali ranges overlooking the lake and the incredible glimpses from the Lake palace captivate not only the heart but the mind and soul of the individual.
India is a fascinating religious destination, also called the birthplace of Hinduism. One can enjoy the rip to Varanasi, the important religious place. Varanasi or Kashi is the city in constant existence since many millenniums and the place has a religious significance...
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