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India is a land of fun and diversity. It is a great country where the individual can enjoy everything from culture, civilization to the festivals, fairs. In order to enjoy and interact with the various themes of the country, it is better to consult an expert who has the proper knowledge of the various themes of the country. The civilization of the country is among the top civilizations of the world and to be very frank, if India has survived all the problems and atrocities till today, it is only because of the deep rooted civilization and culture that spans across millenniums. Fair and festival is an important part of the culture and civilization of the country.

The tourist participates in the fair of Pushkar, Jagarnath puri with great love and we can find travelers from different continents during these celebrations. Villages form a very important part of Indian civilization and one can enjoy the village life in the country.
Ayurveda and SPA
India has a world rating when we talk of the spa and ayurveda. One gets completely rejuvenated in the exclusive ayurveda and spa locations in the country. One of the world class spa and ayurveda resorts in the country is Ananda.
Kerala backwaters are among the exclusive honeymoon spots in India and have put a mark in the world of international tourism. The backwaters of Kerala are ideal destination of ayurveda, spa, honeymoon nights and one is truly fascinated on seeing them.
Christmas is celebrated in India with great pomp and show and it happens on the 25th of December every year. The Christmas tree shines during the event of Christmas and there are prayers in the churches of India during the festival. Christmas is celebrated as a festival...
The culture of India is unique and the Indian civilization dates back to five thousand years minimum. India has a great mark in the world when it comes to the cultural importance of the country. The great men like Vivekananda and Rabindernath Tagore are the pioneers of Indian culture.  
Fair and Festivals
The fair and festivals of the country are an important part of the Indian civilization and culture and there is a huge participation by the foreign and Indian tourists during the events. The annual Urs of Khwaja Moin Ud Din Chisti of Ajmer is an important festival of the year. 
India is rich in the heritage and the country is famous in the world for the rich civilization and culture dating back to 5000 years. India is heritage nation like the nations of Egypt and Greece. There is a past and this past is quite rich.
Village Walks
Villages are an important part of India and as per the estimate, the country has lacs of villages and there is a wise saying that India can be truly felt by enjoying the village life here. The village walks provide a wonderful opportunity to the individual or a tourist to interact with the villagers and their lifestyles in the country.
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